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Lil’ Sprouts Preschool

Our Philosophy
Lil’ Sprouts Early Learning Center is a non-denominational preschool where children learn by doing. We encourage self-discovery and allow each unique child to develop at their own pace.”

General Description
Here at Lil’ Sprouts ELC we believe that learning through play is a developmentally appropriate approach to educating children between the ages of eighteen months and five years of age.  We provide a warm, loving, healthy, and safe environment for children to develop.  Our school is licensed under the The Office of Family and Child Services.

Meet our Director
Rebecca DeAngelis

Rebecca is passionate about early childhood education. She has an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education from Dutchess Community College and a bachelor’s degree in Informational Technology & Education from Mount Saint Mary College. She has served in the early childhood education field, as a teacher and a director over the past twelve years, specializing in developmentally appropriate practice through play-based learning opportunities. Her expertise is that she implements a curriculum that is hands on, engaging, fun, social, and provides a strong foundation for all future learning. As a director, she takes pride in inspiring her staff to provide these learning opportunities to their students. Rebecca joined the Lil’ Sprouts team in May of 2024 and is excited and carry on their exquisite reputation through collaborating with the staff and meeting the needs of the students and their families through the first stages of their educational journey!

Feel free to contact Rebecca regarding your child’s educational needs or if you are interested in joining the Lil’ Sprouts team.  

School telephone number: 914-739-0504
Lil’ Sprouts mobile number: 914-814-0246

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