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Yahrzeit/Memorial Plaques

For some families, the purchase of a yahrzeit plaque is a very important part of the process of dealing with the loss of a loved one. The cost is as follows:


In memory of a Member – $300

In memory of a Non-member, when purchased by a Member – $400

In memory of and purchased by a Non-Member – $600


To arrange for a plaque, please contact the office, or you may fill out the form below, which allows you to pay at the time of submission.


Until recently, there was no way to reserve an adjacent spot for a surviving family member’s plaque to be added at the time of their death. We are now able to offer that option.  When purchasing a plaque for a deceased loved one, an adjacent space may also be purchased at the same time.  We will put the plaque memorializing your loved one and a “RESERVED” plaque in the adjacent spot.  Both plaques must be paid for in full at the time. When the time comes, we will only need the information to order the personalized plaque, and we will add it to the memorial board such that both plaques are together.

In addition to deriving comfort that loved ones are together, visitors can easily locate family members.

The RESERVED option is only available for new purchases and cannot be requested via the online form.