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Men’s Club

The Men’s Club is an integral religious and social arm of synagogue life at First Hebrew Congregation. We support the mission of First Hebrew Congregation while offering a social outlet for its members.

The Men’s Club engages in fundraising, including sponsoring the First Hebrew Congregation Gala. Men’s Club has also been a part of many comedy shows and other entertainment for the synagogue, and social action events to support the synagogue and enrich the local Jewish experience. Most importantly, joining the Men’s Club engenders camaraderie and friendship. Our members meet frequently to plan future events, and upgrade and maintain the synagogue grounds.

Autumn marks the Men’s Club annual construction of the synagogue’s Sukkah. In the summer, Men’s Club is an integral part of our annual Family Bar-B-Que Day (and they have a baseball team!). Men’s Club members enjoy periodic nights out at local bars/restaurants. They get together on Friday mornings at 8:15 at the Peekskill coffee house.

Whether you seek a religious experience or simply enjoy a social gathering; the Men’s Club can fulfill your wish list. Attend any of our events to meet new friends and see what the Men’s Club has to offer.