Today is January 28, 2023 /

Lulav & Etrog Order Form

This year, bring Sukkot to your house with your very own lulav and etrog set. Imported from Israel, these 4 species of plants (palm, willow, myrtle and etrog) are described in the Torah as an important part of the Sukkot Holiday. The lulav engages all our senses, and connects us to the Land of Israel. Although it is a health challenge to hold large gatherings in a sukkah, everyone can have their own lulav ( set) for the holiday.

The price is $40, same as last year’s price, despite additional shipping charges. They are individually wrapped so that only you will handle your lulav. Fill out the online form below to order or you can call or email the Rabbi no later than Sunday, October 2nd. If ordering online, you can pay by credit card (please consider clicking the box to add 2.5% to help cover our credit card processing costs), or you can mail your check to the First Hebrew office. You will be notified when your lulav is available for pickup, which will be by Sunday, October 9th or pick it up on the first day of Sukkot, which begins on Monday, October 10th.