ShabbatAccording to the Ten Commandments, the Sabbath is the day of rest from work.   For those who observe it, it sets aside quality time for family and friends to connect and reflect, share and enjoy, often over a festive meal.

This is the concept behind First Hebrew’s new Sharing Shabbat Dinner initiative.  Whether or not you are religious or a synagogue member, there’s a seat for you at the Friday night dinner table in the homes of First Hebrew members.  In addition to celebrating Shabbat, the purpose of the program is to create new relationships in the local Jewish community as well as among congregants who may not know one another.

First Hebrew will provide hosts with a Shabbat kit containing challah bread, wine, candles and blessings along with guidelines for preparing either kosher, kosher-style or vegetarian meals. Those who are hosted are encouraged to pay it forward by hosting others on a future date.

To participate please contact membership@firsthebrew.org to let them know if you would like to host the Shabbat dinner or attend a Shabbat dinner.

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